A praxis where philosophy and photography interact with another in a complementary
way. The dialectics of a philosophical and photographic way of life gives rise to a
transformation of one's self by offering possibilities to distantiate from the world and
beyond. These possibilities stem from the inherent qualities of philosophy and photography.

The goal is to discover fictitious truths that we have built around ourselves. In doing so we
understand by 'seeing' and reestablish the connection with our existence.

'De Filofotist' is a philosophical consult in Leuven where a photo is used as a catalyst
to trigger an exploring journey to discover what is really going on in your life. In a neutral and
peaceful place thoughts will be able to be examined without judgement and interpretation.
It is important that you experience your own truth as your experience is the only true guide.

Curious? Contact me for a first free introductory consult at : barthendrickx@filofotist.be

More information about this project you find on www.filofotist.be